Change the Discussion with Employers / Obtain a Quote

Enhance your consulting deliverables by having a rational, fact-based discussion with your self-funded clients and prospects about how to reduce their claims costs. You provide us with specific data and we provide you a quote that includes transparent and actionable information. Our RX and Facility Cost Containment Analysis’ are transparent, verifiable, and detailed. Our Shared Savings Modelers allow you to adjust the employee savings to meet the employer and employee needs, creating a unique consulting deliverable. We provide the foundation for a meaningful discussion as we not only identify specific claims savings but also provide the solutions to access those savings.

Open Doors to New Business

While HealthKeys is loaded with valuable tools for employers and employees, this product was also designed to help generate profitable new business for Advisors like you. It has a built-in "wow" factor that always gets you in the door, and the financial reward for your clients and employees makes winning new business a collaborative effort. Current customers also see the value, making HealthKeys an easy add-on to existing accounts.

Locks-In Customers Through Improved Consulting Deliverables

Obtaining data has always been the easy part. Using the data to drive down claims costs has been more of a challenge. We have solved that problem by coordinating several key concepts which you can now deliver to your clients:

·       Shared Savings

·       Direct Contracting

·       Transparency

·       Direct Cash Payments

·       Guaranteed Savings

·       Improve Employee Health Claims Literacy

Secures Your Position as An Industry Leader

HealthKeys' Health Claims Management can be a private label product that helps to differentiate your agency. We have done the manufacturing. You just need to put your name on the package and present it to your clients and prospects. Instantly, your business is seen as the innovator behind the newest and most customer-friendly claims management tool to ever hit the market.