Health Claims Management

Disrupting the status quo

Health Claims Management is a new, comprehensive approach for self-funded employers to reduce health claims cost, without changing claim payors or shifting cost to employees. Our Service Platform allows us to integrate, communicate and measure claims avoidance and hard dollar savings solutions  from a single location, creating a great value and a customized Health Claims Management program


  • Move beyond traditional                 wellness programs
  • Claim avoidance and hard

       dollar savings products

  • A single platform coordinates        all services 
  • All results are measured                  based on claims data  

  • Data Analytics/Predictive Modeling to the member level  
  • Communications Portal provides a single location to                     access products, administer incentives and communicate           with employees
  • Care managers work with members to navigate our                       complicated health care system.



  • Differentiate your agency
  • Offer “next generation”                   Health Claims Consulting
  • Full access to data analytics
  • We build the platform, you            add the products

Managing claims cost requires a coordinated effort between  employees and the employer. Employees should expect support and access to products that reduce or eliminate their out of pocket expense, and employers should expect lower claims cost with measurable results.

Our primary focus is to help employees and their families make informed decisions on how to take dollars out of the complicated health care system, and put them into their own pockets!


  • Focus on reducing your out of        pocket expenses
  • A single platform provides              easy access to services
  • Personalized communication        filters excess “noise”
  • Care Managers provide the            personal touch