RX Cost Containment

Focus: Brand Name and Specialty Drugs

We access certain brand name and specialty drugs at a lower cost. The drugs are sourced from one of our international pharmacy providers and/or a domestic partner that specializes in rare diseases. These drugs are from the same manufacturer that is currently being used by the employee. Our process is straight forward:

  • We obtain historical RX claims data and submit the information to our partners
  • Pricing transparency is provided by our RX Cost Containment Savings                     Analysis which compares current cost with our cost. This allows us to                       guarantee savings!
  • Our unique Shared Savings Modeler allows an employer to model the                      amount  of savings to be shared with employees.
  • A concierge contacts each employee to discuss their specific savings and the           process required to access those savings.
  • All fees are contingent upon savings, so employers pay nothing unless an                  employee engages and the savings far exceed all expenses.