Cost Containment

Focus: Reduce Medical and RX Claim Costs

We have created a menu of A la Carte products and services designed to have an immediate impact on current claim costs. Critically, all products are transparent and measurable, making it easy for employers and their benefits advisors to evaluate program efficacy. All products are fully integrated with our TPA, PBM, and Stop Loss carriers creating a seamless experience for employers and employees.

Cost Containment-Routine Claims

These products are designed to help employers reduce routine claim costs such as certain brand name and specialty drugs and elective procedures. In most cases they are voluntary, and the employee’s out of pocket expenses and co-pays are waived creating a win/win scenario.

  • Transparent PBM-Show all pricing-100% pass through on rebates and no                  spread pricing-Single point of contact for all pharmacy related products
  • Co-pay Assistance-Voluntary-Manufacturer’s co-pay assistance is maximized-            Up to 30% savings for employer-Reduced or no co-pay for employee
  • International RX- Voluntary-20%-60% savings to employer. Employee copay              waived
  • TeleSaver RX-Voluntary-20% savings for employer-Co-pay waived for                          employee
  • Single Case Direct Contracting-Voluntary-Direct cash payments to provider-             20%-60% savings for employer-Employee OOP Waived-Always a willing buyer           and seller
  • Reference Based Pricing-Providers are paid a % of Medicare


Cost Containment-Large Claim Mitigation

These products are designed to make self-funding “safer” by eliminating large claims and potential lasers.

  • Manufacturers Assistance Program (MAP)- Many high-cost brand name drugs         are provided by the manufacturer at no cost to the employer, and employee           co-pays are waived

  • Emerging large claim “purchase” program-Voluntary-Large emerging claims             are “purchased” by philanthropic organizations eliminating them from                       consideration by the TPA and stop loss carrier. Employee out of pocket                     expenses waived

Traditional Cost Containment

We work with stop loss carriers to minimize the chance a claim exceeds the stop loss deductible, and then mitigate the cost of the claim if it does exceed the deductible.

  • Large Case Management
  • Air Ambulance
  • Dialysis

  • Centers of Excellence


A sophisticated data mining program that is used in lieu of medical underwriting. A detailed census is the only information required for underwriters to qualify employers, and provide stop loss quotes. It is a more employee and employer friendly  "front door” for Discover, our product for 25-99 employees.