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Key Benefits For Advisors

Opens Doors to New Business: While HealthKeys is loaded with valuable tools for employers, this product was designed to help generate profitable new business for advisors like you. It has a built-in "wow" factor that always gets you in the door, and the financial reward for your clients makes winning new business a collaborative effort. Current customers also see the value, making HealthKeys Discover an easy add-on to existing accounts.

Locks-In Customers Through Data Ownership

Now you can finally control member level claims data that reveals health risks, triggers incentives, affects claims, and impacts your clients' financials. Data is the key to the future of Health Claims Management, and when you control that data, you own the business long term. Your clients will have no reason to look anywhere else.

Secures Your Position As An Industry Leader

HealthKeys is a lucrative private label product that differentiates your business. We've done the manufacturing. You just need to put your name on the package and present it to your prospects. Instantly, your business is seen as the innovator behind the newest and most customer-friendly claims management tool to ever hit the market.

Key Steps In The Process

Our proprietary online portal and "best-in-class" vendor partners make the entire process easy for you, your clients and their employees.


You Are Granted Full Access. As soon as you become an official HealthKeys advisor you gain unlimited access to all of our materials, tools and technologies including:


We Set You Up for Sales Success: HealthKeys makes it easy for you to explain the program and its many benefits to your customers. Our sales materials are easily customized for your business, and our tools help you personalize presentations for each prospect. Access to the communications portal allows your agency to effortlessly communicate with members.


Clients and Participants See "Your" Program in Action: The Health Risk Committee supports the message through lateral communications to fellow participants. Aggregate reports indicating gaps in care and the cost of those gaps, can be displayed in the communications portal. This helps to de-mystify the process and allows participants to see the value of managing their personal claims.


You Control the Data: Controlling the data allows you the freedom to move from one insurance carrier to another without losing valuable information You have access to the member level data which permits a unique area of consulting that will differentiate you from competitors, allowing you to negotiate stop loss premiums or lasers from a position of strength. We obtain the Medical and RX claims data monthly, directly from the claims payor.


Success Comes in Many Forms: Employees are more successful in achieving individual health-related goals driving down their personal claims and associated deductible and coinsurance. Employers can verify from the unique reporting system, just how Discover has impacted their group. Claims and insurance premiums are reduced. You possess a wealth of data that is used to negotiate rates on your clients' behalf and enhances your position as the innovative advisor of the future.