HealthKeys stands out from the crowd by  providing employers and benefit advisors with an innovative and rational approach to mitigate their health claims cost:

  • Disease Management is the product foundation

  • Predictive Modeling to the member level identifies participants not adhering to best medical practices, creating gaps in care.

  • Our Care Managers work with participants to close those gaps, reducing risk and avoiding claims

  • Our Communications Portal allows for secure, targeted, and timely participant out reach

HealthKeys is a comprehensive, turnkey program that is changing employer's expectations about managing their health care spend. Participants should expect support in managing their health, and employers should expect lower claims cost with measurable results.

Is it time to graduate from the "Traditional Point and Click” participation wellness plan? Lessons learned from the past, have allowed HealthKeys to develop Discover, a Disease Management product that includes  predictive modeling, a unique employee communications strategy, Care Management and integration with other available claims reduction strategies.


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Employers benefit through offering outcomes based incentive programs by establishing that an employee should benefit if they are making the right choices.


  • Claims information provides verifiable data
  • Predictive modeling id's avoidable risk
  • Communications and Incentive Management increases engagement
  • Integration with all sources improves results

Brokers benefit by offering solutions that lower claims costs and increase productivity.

Benefit Advisors

  • Differentiate your agency
  • Predictive data fully available to you
  • Create actionable data with a measurable action plan
  • Offer "next generation" health claims consulting

Hospital Partners benefit by increasing their service footprint to employers in their market.

Medical Provider Partnerships

  • Private label the program
  • Increase your revenue by offering new services
  • Create a pathway to your facilities
  • Comply with your Community Health Needs Assessment

What's New?

Our new pharmacy management program will be available soon!