HealthKeys stands out from the crowd in enhancing our participant's Health, Wealth and Safety

  • Health:  Improving Bio-Metric screening results of participants by setting objective goals established in partnership with personal wellness coaches.

  • Wealth: Maximizing the incentives available through the employer's wellness program.

  • Safety:  Managing and supporting health risk and productivity of the participants at work and at home.


HealthKeys is a comprehensive, turnkey program that is changing how employers use their wellness programs.  Participants should expect support and employers should expect results in moving from participation based programs to outcomes based incentives.  


Lower your healthcare claims cost with a customized wellness and health risk management program. The program integrates wellness strategies, outcomes based incentive tracking, predictive modeling, behavior modification and benefits consulting.


Is it time to graduate from the "Traditional Point and Click” participation wellness plan?  Use our Proprietary products and tools to step up to an outcomes based Health Risk Management program.


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HealthKeys Value For Employers
Employers benefit through offering outcomes based incentive programs by establishing that an employee should benefit if they are making the right choices.


  • Customized program
  • Use Objective data vs self-reported 
  • Tools and expertise available to engage employees
  • Gamification and early identification through our Health Assessments on our HealthKeys Alliance platform

Brokers benefit by offering solutions that lower claims costs and increase productivity.


  • Differentiate your agency
  • Create added revenue for new and existing clients
  • Private label a full offering of wellness and risk management services
  • Offer the "next generation" healthrisk management

Hospital Partners benefit by increasing their service footprint to employers in their market.

Medical Provider Partnerships

  • Private label the program
  • Increase your revenue by offering new services
  • Comply with your Community Health Needs Assessment 
  • HIPAA compliant operating system 

What's New?

HealthKeys has been endorsed by the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health for our risk management platform, data aggregation and outcomes based incentive programs.